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Defined Terms In Contracts:  What's Their Purpose?

Posted by Jennifer M. Settles, Esq.Mar 28, 20230 Comments

Why are some words in a contract capitalized, and what the heck are  “defined terms”? If you've ever had the pleasure of reading a contract or other legal document, you may have noticed sprinklings throughout of certain common words written with a capitalized initial letter, as if the word was a common noun. In this Blog post, we discuss the meaning and concept behind the use of defined terms in contracts.

Business Formation

Posted by Jennifer M. Settles, Esq.Mar 15, 20230 Comments

Many factors must be assessed when forming a new business. Founders must think about liability concerns, taxes, administration and other topics before forming a new business. In this Blog post, we discuss several important factors in the formation of a new business.

Buying Or Selling A Business

Posted by Jennifer M. Settles, Esq.Mar 08, 20230 Comments

Buying or selling a business is a complex process, involving many steps and many different legal documents. Using the assistance of an experienced business lawyer will help ensure that the parties obtain the best result, mitigate risk and reduce stress. In this Blog post we discuss buying and selling a business from both the buyer's and seller's perspectives, and ways in which legal counsel can assist the parties.

10 Phases Of An M&A Transaction

Posted by Jennifer M. Settles, Esq.Dec 21, 20220 Comments

This Blog post describes the 10 phases of an M&A transaction, including areas of consideration relevant to both buyers and sellers. By having a reasonable understanding of the different stages of a transaction, buyers and sellers will be better equipped for ensuring a successful closing.

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