When Do I Need to Hire a Business Lawyer? 

Posted by Jennifer M. Settles, Esq.Apr 21, 20240 Comments

Navigating the maze of business law without a lawyer can be like trying to decode the Da Vinci Code—both are puzzling, and you might miss crucial details.   In the world of business, having a sharp, experienced business attorney by your side is not just helpful; it's a strategic move that pays dividends. In today's Blog post, we discuss why tapping into the guidance of a seasoned business attorney is a smart choice at several key stages of your business journey.

Negotiating Commercial Contracts: Your Legal Safety Net

Commercial contracts are the backbone of your business dealings. Whether it's a supplier agreement, a partnership deal, or customer contracts, each commercial contract is a potential minefield of legal terminology and clauses that could spell trouble if not handled correctly.

Hiring a business attorney might seem like an added expense, but it's actually your financial safeguard in many cases. A lawyer doesn't just fill in the blanks on a contract template.  At the Law Office of Jennifer M. Settles, we shape our client's contracts into a protective shield for their best interests and a proactive revenue-stream.   We ensure that our clients' contracts reflect their intentions accurately, offer clear terms, and include enforceable, risk-reducing provisions. The benefit? You avoid the quicksand of bad deals and litigious headaches that could follow. It's not just assistance; it's assurance.

Steering Through Corporate Governance and Legal Compliance: Avoiding the Icebergs

Think of corporate governance as the compass that guides the ship of your company. Good governance involves everything from how your company is structured and managed, to ensuring all actions comply with the laws and regulations applicable to your business. A lawyer helps you navigate these waters by setting up the right structure and helping you operate responsibly and within legal boundaries.

The risks of ignoring good governance and compliance are akin to sailing through iceberg-laden waters without a map. Non-compliance can lead to penalties, fines, and could even jeopardize the legal protections that corporate and LLC status offers. A business attorney's guidance also helps you maintain a clean, compliant operation that aligns with corporate and LLC laws.  This is not just good legal practice — it's good business.

Buying or Selling a Business: Crossing the T's and Dotting the I's

Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) is high-stakes territory.   Whether you're buying a business to strategically expand your empire or embark on a new career or investment opportunity, or selling your business to reap the rewards of your hard work or to address company succession-planning, each M&A transaction comes with complex legal implications. Due diligence is the watchword here, and who better than a lawyer to conduct it?

A business lawyer ensures that all aspects of the transaction, from negotiation of the LOI, to preparation of the deal documents, and finally, to contract signing, are handled with thorough care. At the Law Office of Jennifer M. Settles, we look out for potential liabilities (including those which have the potential to blow-back several years into the future), assess and negotiate contract terms, and ensure the transaction aligns with your strategic goals. Skipping the use of an experienced M&A attorney could mean leaving money on the table — or worse, walking into a legal minefield.

Dealing with Real Property: It's More Than Just “Location, Location, Location”

Real estate deals, whether it's buying, selling, or leasing property for your business, are never just transactional—they're transitional. And with high value transactions, the stakes are naturally high.    A lawyer's role?  Among other things, lawyers clarify terms, ensure proper title transfer, handle zoning issues, negotiation loans, and safeguard against future disputes.

The absence of an experienced real estate or finance attorney in such transactions is like playing Monopoly with real money and no rules—risky and potentially disastrous. When you hire the Law Office of Jennifer M. Settles to represent you in your real estate transactions, not only are your closings smoother, but they also include strategic foresight to protect your interests, both now and into the future.

ROI on Hiring a Lawyer: Not Just Cost, But Value

Hiring a business lawyer is indeed a significant investment, but it's one with substantial returns. The right legal advice prevents losses, sidesteps litigation, gets you maximum value for your business deal, and secures your business's foundational values. Hiring an experienced business attorney is an investment in your business's future security and success.

So, please keep in mind:  In the maze of legalities that is business law, a business attorney is your knowledgeable guide, your problem solver, and sometimes, your business's best defense. The benefits of hiring a qualified, experienced business lawyer are clear:  minimized risk, maximized compliance, strong financial returns, and a strong, strategic position for your operations.


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